Pink and Girls go hand in hand!  Cowgirl and cowboy costumes are always popular during Halloween or for Western Theme Parties.

There are so many Pink costumes and outfits available online.  One of the largest and most reputable suppliers of Costumes and Party Items is Buy Costumes.  They have built a solid reputation for their rock bottom low prices and unsurpassed customer service.  To give you a sneak peek, here are just a few of the Pink Cowgirl Outfits available.

Western Toddler-Child Cowgirl OutfitToddlers, Children, Teens and Women love pink.  Cowgirls want pink pants, chaps, shirts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, scarfs, and they even want to dress their horses and ponies in pink.

From Toddlers to Adults, the Cowgirl costume is a favorite choice for Western Themed Parties and Halloween.

They love to wear pink coordinated outfits when they ride their ponies in lead line classes in horse shows.

They even want their horses wearing pink saddles, saddle pads, bridles, halters, leg wraps and blankets all decorated with Pink Rhinestones!

Wild West Cutie Child’s Costume

This is the perfect outfit for the little cowgirl who loves the color pink.  If your little girl goes crazy over Pink and wants to dress up as a cowgirl, this is a great costume.  She will be ready for some Square  Dancing at a Western Barn Party or Trick-or-Treating on Halloween.

The Wild West Cutie Costume includes:

  • Pink and white spotted dress
  • An attached vest
  • Belt with a silver belt buckle
  • Detachable Pink wrist cuffs with Pink Fringe
  • Adorable Pink Cowgirl Hat

This Pink Western Outfit is available in Toddler and Child sizes.  The Pink Cowboy Boots are not included with this costume.  You can add white cowboy boots or pink boots or pink shoes.

Rhinestone Cowgirl Child Costume

Child Rhinestone Cowgirl OutfitYeeHaw!  Go Get’em Cowgirl!

This little Rhinestone Cowgirl is ready to hit the trail for Halloween or a Western Hoe Down!  Even though this outfit is not 100% pink, it is a fun, eye catching western Costume.  It is perfect for any occasion.

The Rhinestone Cowgirl Costume comes with  a brown spotted vest and skirt with brown and Pink fringe and pink trim, topped off with a Pink neckerchief.

This awesome Rhinestone Cowgirl Outfit comes in X-small to Large Child Sizes.  It does not include the boots or hat pictured, but you can easily add some Pink Cowboy Boots and the Rhinestone Cowboy Western Hat.

Ride a Pink Unicorn Child Costume

Ride a Pink Unicorn Horse Cowgirl CostumeCan’t get enough Pink in your little Cowgirls life?

Some kids and adults don’t believe there is ever too much pink.  This Ride a Pink Unicorn Child Cowgirl Outfit should satisfy most little girls love for the color Pink.

Most little cowgirls dream of having their very own pony.  What could be better than giving her a Pink Unicorn Horse to ride through all her dreams.

This light pink colored unicorn has a shimmery horn and wings, pink hooves, white furry mane and tail.  Over the shoulder straps adjust for a perfect fit.

The Ride a Pink Unicorn Costume should fit most 5-7 year old children.  To satisfy your little cowgirls appetite for Pink, you can add Pink pants, shirt, shoes and a Pink Cowgirl Hat.  Be careful as your little Cowgirl may try to sneak her Pink Unicorn Pony into her room and may never want to stop riding.

The Color Pink

Pink is usually thought of as the color of little girls.  Most people think of pink as a feminine color even though we see some men wearing pink usually as clothing accessories, like pink ties or pink shirts.  The color Pink is a symbol of universal love.  Giving pink flowers expresses new love or admiration to the receiver.

Expressions Using Pink

  • Tickled pink expresses happiness
  • In the pink refers to good health
  • Pinking shears are a type of scissors
  • A pink elephant describes hallucinations
  • Pinkie is your smallest finger
  • Pink slip refers to a notice from your employer terminating your job
  • Pink collar describes a class of jobs once only filled by women

Holiday Colors

Each Holiday we celebrate is usually associated with certain colors.  For example:

  • Red and Green at Christmas
  • Red on Valentines Day
  • Green on Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Red, White & Blue on the 4th of July
  • Pink and White on Easter
  • Orange and Black on Halloween